Desert Code Camp - 2011.1 SessionsA list of all of the sessions at Desert Code Camp - 2011.1uuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=1384602024-05-28T01:52:48ZDesert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=1384613D Printing: Rapid Prototyping2011-02-17T09:57:12Z2011-02-17T09:57:12ZThis session will give a hands-on demonstration showing how to create a working prototype from a 3D model using a 3D printer.

Google SketchUp will be the CAD software demonstrated.
MakerBot's CupcakeCNC will be the 3D printer used.
The session will be "live" vs a sit-n-listen presentation, though some initial information may be shared regarding 3D printing such as materials, CAD tools, G-code, design/build considerations and limitations, etc.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138462Anti-Patterns2011-02-28T11:34:35Z2011-02-28T11:34:35ZA lighthearted look at software development head-slappers, mistakes, faux pas, and WTFs.

Reviewing others' missteps can make for good fun, and if approached with the right attitude, can be genuinely instructive. But it's also worth considering the ramifications of working in a profession that spends so much of its time dwelling on the (presumed) stupidity of others.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138463Apples, Oranges and Fruit Salad: Independent Contractors, Employees and the Contingent Workforce2011-01-31T09:24:07Z2011-01-31T09:24:07ZIndependent contractors, employees and the contingent workforce are prevelant in the American job market. This workshop introduces basic concepts and answers common questions about a worker's status.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138464Behavior Driven Development From The Trenches2011-03-28T11:13:20Z2011-03-28T11:13:20ZThere has been a lot of talk about test-driven, acceptance-test-driven, behavior-driven, anything-you-can-think-of-driven development lately. I will talk about behavior-driven development, how it relates to and encompasses some of these practices. I will show you the tools related to BDD, and how they help you code and design always with the customer's requirements in mind. Then I will actually show you how to get started with BDD on the .Net (specifically C#) platform. You should walk away from this session armed with enough information to get you started towards tested code that really nails what the customer needs.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138465Big Shop vs Small Shop2011-02-18T13:20:37Z2011-02-18T13:20:37ZA panel discussion on the differing approaches to software development. Topics include managing team size, project planning, and dealing with clients of varying size.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138466Building a Phone application using Tropo's cloud communications API2011-01-31T09:30:36Z2011-01-31T09:30:36ZI will teach you how to build a phone application that handles Voice calls and SMS messages using Tropo's ( API! 

This session will include:

- a high-level Tropo discussion
- live coding
- Q&A

I hope that you will join me for a fun and hopefully enlightening demonstration on the advancements being made in cloud communications.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138467Building Enterprise Quality Apps using EF42011-01-26T15:44:18Z2011-01-26T15:44:18ZTake the Entity Framework beyond the basic "falling into the pit of success" strategy and use it to build applications that keep concerns separate, and are thus maintainable, and truly enterprise class.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138468Building Flex 4 Components2011-02-08T16:43:09Z2011-02-08T16:43:09ZFlex 4 introduced a powerful and different component architecture called Spark. We will go over the internals of a Flex component and how to build our own from scratch.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138469Building nTier Applications with Entity Framework Services2011-02-03T12:01:24Z2011-02-03T12:01:24ZLearn how to build real world nTier applications with the Entity Framework and related services. With this new technology built into .NET, you can easily wrap an object model around your database and have all the data access automatically generated or use your own stored procedures and views. Then learn how to easily and securely expose your object model using WCF with just a few line of code using ADO.NET Data Services. The session will demonstrate how to create and consume these new technologies from the ground up.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138470Building Rich UI with jQuery and Wijmo2011-02-01T12:48:15Z2011-02-01T12:48:15ZjQuery can be used to build powerful UI's for the Web. Discover the benefits of using jQuery to create interfaces, including a separation from which server-side technology you choose. We will also look at Wijmo, a new toolkit that extends jQuery UI. You'll walk away with knowledge on how to leverage jQuery and Wijmo when building Web apps.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138471Building the Desert Code Camp Windows Phone 7 App2011-02-28T11:34:28Z2011-02-28T11:34:28ZCome learn how we built the Desert Code Camp Windows Phone 7 application. During the session we will look at the layout of the application and also talk about OData. All of the data for the application is retrieved using OData feeds and displayed to users to navigate. Session will cover using Pivot based pages and saving our users favorites in isolated storage on the device.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138472Career Limiting Moves - How to avoid them!2011-03-04T15:37:26Z2011-03-04T15:37:26ZIn this highly competitive job market knowing What To Do and What NOT To Do is the key to landing your ideal job! Learn and ask the experts! 

This session will offer a comprehensive look at the job search process including: Finding the Right Job, Resume Best Practices, Interviewing Tips/Top 10 Interview Mistakes, and Keeping a Job when you have one!

Presented by Vincent Devoe, Director of Training & Development, Signature Consultants LLC

Vincent has over 14 years of technical recruiting and staffing experience with the past 5 years working as the Director of Training & Development for Signature Consultants. 

As the Director of Training & Development for Signature, he has been responsible for training and developing numerous Recruiting and Sales professionals across multiple U.S. markets. 

Vincent began his career as a technical recruiter and has worked with and placed a variety of Information Technology Professionals including Infrastructure, Application Development, Database, and SAP/PeopleSoft Professionals across the entire U.S.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138473Coca2011-02-17T10:13:28Z2011-02-17T10:13:28Zinfo on developing iOS appsCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138474CoffeeScript2011-02-17T21:29:03Z2011-02-17T21:29:03ZCoffeeScript is an elegant little language that compiles to JavaScript. The main idea is, it's JavaScript, just prettier. You have all the power of JavaScript, it's just easier on the eyes and fingers. Learn how to make writing JavaScript even more fun with CoffeeScript! Once you go CoffeeScript, you wont go back!Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138475Computers2011-03-04T05:34:14Z2011-03-04T05:34:14ZA class that covers the requirements for the computers merit badge. ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138476CouchDB for the SQL junkie2011-02-17T07:40:45Z2011-02-17T07:40:45ZAn introduction to CouchDB from a MySQL developer's perspective. Wonder what all the NoSQL hubbub is about?Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138477CSS 32011-02-23T06:14:51Z2011-02-23T06:14:51ZLearn more about the topic, see some real life examples.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138478Data Templates and Value Converters in Silverlight2011-02-07T04:13:41Z2011-02-07T04:13:41ZBusiness applications are all about data, and laying out that data is critical to creating a good user experience. Silverlight has several tools, including Data Templates and Value Converters, that make this easier for the business developer to manage. By the time we're done, you will have a good understanding of the basics of both of these valuable tools.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138479Database Change Management with Liquibase2011-02-28T11:33:23Z2011-02-28T11:33:23ZYou never develop code without version control, why do you develop your database without it?
Liquibase is an open source (Apache 2.0 Licensed), database-independent library for tracking, managing and applying database changes. It is built on a simple premise: All database changes are stored in a human readable yet trackable form and checked into source control.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138480Database unit testing using Visual Studio 20102011-02-24T15:32:46Z2011-02-24T15:32:46ZLearn to build database unit tests to against all of your database objects: tables, views, both types of functions, stored procedures, and more!Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138481Design Patterns for Persistence Ignorance2011-02-14T09:22:48Z2011-02-14T09:22:48ZDesign Pattern - A general, reusable solution to a commonly reoccuring problem.<br/>Come and learn why Design Patterns are important and how to implement them in Visual Studio 2010 with .Net languages.<br/>This talk focuses on a handful of Design Patterns that are specifically useful when accessing and storing data.<br/>For Line of Business Applications, a key factor in any discussion will be how data is accessed and stored.<br/>Who should be responsible for this: is it the DBA? The Developer? The Architect? All of the above?<br/>Come see real-world examples of how Repository, Query Object and Unit of Work patterns can save you countless development hours.<br/>Implementing these proven techniques for modern application architectures is very straight forward.<br/>Be a better developer by learning how to leverage these Design Patterns and be ready for the speed, <br/>consistency and ability to change that are all demanded of you.<br/>Learn how testing becomes easier and more efficient using well-known and understood patterns.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138482Develop SharePoint 2010 Business Apps2011-02-21T06:53:51Z2011-02-21T06:53:51ZSuggest: Simple SharePoint 2010 Business Apps made easy using SP DesignerCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138483Electronics2011-02-17T12:11:14Z2011-02-17T12:11:14ZA class that covers the requirements for the Electronics merit badge. ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138484Embellishing your Android Application2011-03-21T17:20:04Z2011-03-21T17:20:04ZSome categories of the Android Market seem to provide an almost endless choice of applications and standing out there requires more than just having the right mix of features. This talk will provide ideas, tips, and code samples for making Android User interfaces more intuitive, attractive, and fun to use.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138485Everyday Extreme Programming (XP)2011-02-17T08:44:52Z2011-02-17T08:44:52ZLearn the basics of XP and how to incorporate its principles into your daily workflow, improve your team's culture and improve yourself.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138486Everyday Ruby2011-03-04T05:33:54Z2011-03-04T05:33:54ZA language is only as good as its libraries, and Ruby has some of the best, right out of the box. Join us on a tour of the Ruby Standard Library, which supports everything from XML parsing to network connections to GUI applications.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138487Exploring WF Activities2011-01-31T09:24:12Z2011-01-31T09:24:12ZDeclarative development is old news for BizTalk developers, but is becoming more mainstream with the introduction of WF into the .Net Framework. WF 4.0 is the latest iteration of WF introduced in .Net 4.0 and moves away from any idea of code behind in workflows among other improvements. To accomplish this a more robust model was introduced for workflow activities along with more capable custom activity creation process. This session will explore some of the more interesting activities shipped with .Net 4.0 and also build out simple and advanced custom activities.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138488Facebook Game Architecture2011-02-23T06:14:52Z2011-02-23T06:14:52ZThis presentation would explore the potential and pitfalls of facebook game backend application design.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138489Get SQL Service Broker and and Running2011-03-16T10:19:10Z2011-03-16T10:19:10ZMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 include a fantastic feature that few people understand or use. That feature is the Microsoft SQL Server Service Broker. The SQL Service Broker is one of the least used features within the database engine, and that lack of use is simply from last of knowledge about the feature. In this session we'll dig into how to configure the service broker for not only intra-database message queuing, but database to database queuing as well as server to server database queuing. We will also dig into a real life scenario where the SQL Server Service Broker was used to do ETL from an OLTP database to an OLAP database in near real time for near real time reporting. By the end of this session you'll understand where SQL Service Broker is the right fit to be used, and you'll hopefully be ready to deploy it within your environment. Learn about the SQL Service Broker database objects Learn how to send and receive messages within a database Learn how to send and receive messages between serversCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138490Getting Things Done With ASP.NET MVC32011-01-21T21:42:15Z2011-01-21T21:42:15ZStop wasting time wondering about what goes in those empty Controller and Models folder and start writing real code! We will look at custom project templates, the NuGet package system (and how you and your team can build your own NuGet repo), scaffolding, and other ways to keep from re-inventing the wheel when starting on a new MVC3 project. Focus will be on MVC3 using C# and the Razor view engine.

For those with no experience in ASP.NET MVC, I would recommend also attending my "Intro to ASP.NET MVC 3" session that will be aimed at those new to the framework.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138491Getting your data on iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Android2011-02-16T05:38:59Z2011-02-16T05:38:59ZThis session focuses on building native data driven applications on the three main smart phone platforms: iPhone with MonoTouch, Windows Phone 7 with Silverlight, Android with MonoDroid, and the server with .NET and Data Abstract. Looks at sharing code between platforms, and proper data infrastructure. Provides an overview of the different platforms with a lot of sample code.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138492Git: Intro to Version Control2011-02-23T06:14:40Z2011-02-23T06:14:40ZLearn to use one of the best Version Control applications out there. I will be covering some basic principles that apply to any Version Control application and then going in depth on some of the features that allow Git to soar above the rest in terms of capability and usability.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138493Hiding like WikiLeaks and Hacking like Anonymous2011-03-21T16:58:02Z2011-03-21T16:58:02ZThis will be a talk on modern application security issues and will put appdevs closer to understanding what our adversaries are capable of, as well as what can be done defensively.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138494How To Manage Self-Organizing Teams2011-02-22T15:05:21Z2011-02-22T15:05:21ZManaging self-organizing teams is difficult, learn some tips and tricks from my years of pain and experience.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138495i.js. Asynchronous Dependency Management For Your jQuery Client2011-02-25T13:29:49Z2011-02-25T13:29:49ZServer side languages and frameworks have robust package management tools like Ruby's 'require' and Python's 'import'. Wouldn't it be great if there was such a thing for client-side Javascript? One that could asynchronously load scripts and any dependencies? One that sped up development, promoted clean inheritance patterns and aided in encapsulation? Oh wait, there is one! Come learn about it from the dude that wrote it. Me.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138496IIS 7.5 for Developers2011-03-04T15:37:13Z2011-03-04T15:37:13ZLearn how to setup, configure, and manage IIS 7 and IIS 7.5.

Microsoft made significant changes in IIS 7. Everything from architectural changes, setup process, plug-in architecture, security configuration, IIS manager, and much much more. We will cover the basics of IIS 7.5; New Features, Site Creation and Configuration (like what is a host header?), how SSL certificates work, and how to package and deploy your website.

Developers rely on IIS to run their applications so come learn all that you need to know about IIS 7.5 and how it can make your life easier.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138497Insulting SQL (ages 10+)2011-01-31T09:24:18Z2011-01-31T09:24:18ZLearn to ask the database to give you the funniest insults - yes, it's T-SQL, so you'll always have the right comeback!Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138498Intro to ASP.NET MVC 32011-02-25T11:02:23Z2011-02-25T11:02:23ZJust learning ASP.NET MVC? Now is the perfect time to dip your toes in the water. This course is aimed at the basics of Microsoft's latest version of their popular framework with a focus on the underlying architectural pattern, URL routing, controllers, the razor view engine, and the use of display and editor templates to keep your code DRY. No experience in ASP.NET MVC is needed, but experience with C# and language features such as LINQ, lambdas, and generics are recommended.

*This session is in contrast to my "Getting things done with MVC 3" session, which focuses on tools and techniques to speed up development after you know the framework a bit. Both would be beneficial for the beginner, but the "Intro" session would be very helpful before attending "Getting things done".Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138499Intro to Mindstorms (Ages 8+)2011-03-09T06:09:45Z2011-03-09T06:09:45ZAn introduction to the Mindstorms kit. What are the sensors and how do you make them work for you.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138500Intro to Windows Phone 7 Development2011-02-28T11:34:13Z2011-02-28T11:34:13ZWindows Phone 7 is the latest in mobile from Microsoft. Come see how easy it is to get started with developing your first Silverlight based application for the platform. During the session we will discussion the platform, tools for development, marketplace and common design guidelines. You will come away understanding more about the platform and how to get started developing your own applications.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138501Introducing Phono, the jQuery based WebPhone2011-01-31T09:30:35Z2011-01-31T09:30:35ZPhono SDK is a simple jQuery plugin and JavaScript library that turns any web browser into a phone; capable of making/receiving phone calls and sending/receiving instant messages for free. You can even connect to SIP clients and Tropo applications; all with a simple unified API. A few interesting use cases that we have seen in the community include: Click-to-call Web chat Video gaming VoIP conferences Call center routing to agents via SIP Browser conversations with users including page interaction In this presentation, Chris Matthieu, Director Business Development at Voxeo Labs, will walk you through the Phono SDK capabilities and will perform some live coding to demonstrate how easy it is to add a telephone to your browser application.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138502Introduction to Domain Driven Design2011-03-25T10:56:10Z2011-03-25T10:56:10ZDomain Driven Design is used to reduce complexity in an application. Many people feel that it is only applicable to large, enterprise-wide applications. This view is far from the truth. You can use DDD concepts in every app you write. This presentation introduces you to DDD concepts. You will learn concepts that totally turn your design practices on their head, but you'll also see you already do many DDD concepts. Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138503Introduction to Erlang2011-02-07T04:13:23Z2011-02-07T04:13:23ZWith the advent of multi-core CPUs, the software community got caught with its pants down. For twenty+ years it has been churning out programming languages suitable for single-core chips, but had almost nothing to offer for building highly scalable, fault-tolerant, massively concurrent applications.

Right from the start, Erlang--a concise functional language---was designed to solve the above problems. It has been used to design systems which run for many years with virtually no downtime.

Erlang happens to work nicely on multi-core CPUs, which is one of the reasons it has gained popularity in recent years. Originally developed at Ericsson in mid-1980s, Erlang has found wide use well beyond the telecom industry, e.g. in web development, messaging, NoSQL databases.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138504Introduction to iOS Development2011-03-12T14:38:48Z2011-03-12T14:38:48ZHow to start developing for iOS, use the tools Apple provides, and give tips and tricks for a beginning developer.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138505Introduction to Java Bytecode and Obfuscation2011-02-02T08:55:04Z2011-02-02T08:55:04ZLearn the basics of code obfuscation and write your own basic Java obfuscator to protect your code from decompilation/reversing. Keep those crackers out!Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138506Introduction to Node.JS2011-03-04T06:51:09Z2011-03-04T06:51:09ZNode.JS is a new event-driven platform that incorporates Google's V8 Javascript engine to build really fast event-driven communications. Node.JS is similar in design to and influenced by systems like Ruby's Event Machine or Python's Twisted. Node takes the event model a bit further; it presents the event loop as a language construct instead of as a library. I would like to introduce you to Node.JS and walk you though a few code examples and use cases as well as deploying your first Node.JS application!Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138507Introduction to XAML with WPF2011-02-07T04:15:43Z2011-02-07T04:15:43ZUnderstanding XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) is a key to creating the latest .NET user experiences in WPF and Silverlight. We will introduce the basic concepts around XAML and take a look at various features such as namespaces, elements, properties, events, attached properties and some basic layout. We’ll create a simple WPF application that covers these fundamentals. Although you will probably end up doing most of your UI design with a drag-and-drop tool such as Expression Blend, knowing the internals gives you a leg up in making the final tweaks to ensure an excellent user experience.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138508Inventing2011-03-11T12:12:56Z2011-03-11T12:12:56ZA class that covers the requirements for the Inventing merit badge. ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138509iOS Programming 101: getting started.2011-02-21T06:53:37Z2011-02-21T06:53:37ZThe iPhone Programming 101 will take us into a journey that starts with a brief introduction about iPhone software architecture and iPhone SDK developing tools. We will make a stop to review the fundamentals of Objective-C and our adventure will continue creating a classical -Hello World- application using graphical user interfaces. Then we will learn how to handle multi-touch and motion detection, the CoreLocation technology, and we will finish our trip exploring the amazing graphics and media capabilities of this device.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138510iOS Programming 202: navigation-based applications2011-02-22T02:49:15Z2011-02-22T02:49:15ZStarting where our -iOS Programming 101- journey left us, we will continue our way to get into the exploration of a new topic, -Navigation based applications-. Our trip start in winding but short roads reviewing concepts related with Tables, Views and Delegates. Once we pass this zone, we will find smoothly roads that drive us, first to learn how create and add sub-views to a Navigation-based application, and then to learn how to store and retrieve data using arrays and dictionaries with plist. There is a really nice point at the end of the road in which we can learn how to add advertisement into our apps using iAds Framework, but oh well! Lets see if the time and the weather let us get there.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138511Javascript 1012011-02-17T21:28:06Z2011-02-17T21:28:06ZStarting with no knowledge of JavaScript.

JavaScript is a simple and powerful programming language.
This session will teach you the good partsCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138512Javascript Bootcamp II2011-01-28T07:31:59Z2011-01-28T07:31:59ZStop writing bad javascript now! In this second installment of 'JSBootcamp' we will discuss strategies to implement solid object-oriented design into your client-side scripts. Encapsulation? Check. Inheritance? Check. Polymorphism? Check. Magical powers? Check.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138513Kodu Workshop I of II (ages 5+)2011-01-31T09:24:21Z2011-01-31T09:24:21ZDesign, build and play in your world with Kodu. Click the visual editor (words not needed!) to make a fun world or game.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138514Kodu Workshop II of II (ages 5+)2011-01-31T09:24:21Z2011-01-31T09:24:21ZIn session two, groups of kids will compete to see which team can create the most fun game and/or world.

It's a 'game-off' - visual programming (no words required, but characters can 'talk' if you'd like).Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138515Learn to Love Lambdas2011-02-07T04:13:54Z2011-02-07T04:13:54ZLambda expressions can be confusing the first time you walk up to them. But once you get to know them, you’ll see that they are a great addition to your toolbox. Used properly, they can add elegance and simplicity to your code. And some .NET constructs (such as LINQ) lend themselves to lambda expressions. We’ll take a look at how lambda expressions work and see them in action.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138516Making Android Development Less Painful2011-02-27T10:53:08Z2011-02-27T10:53:08ZIf you have ever developed an Android app you know how painful it can be. This session will discuss some tips and tricks that will help you improve efficiency and just plain make Android more fun to write apps for. We will use object oriented analysis and design to create elegant solutions to common Java problems. A basic understanding of Android or Java is encouraged.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138517Managing Client Expectations2011-02-18T13:13:11Z2011-02-18T13:13:11ZPanel discussion of lessons learned from managing multiple clients and creating realistic expectationsCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138518Microsoft Azure for Beginners2011-03-07T08:03:31Z2011-03-07T08:03:31ZWhat the heck is Azure other than a nice shade of blue? How do you pronounce? Why would you want to use it? How would you use it? What would you use it for? What does the programming look like? This session is for enquiring minds who want to know the answers to these questions, and more. I will also show how to convert an existing web application to Azure, hook up Diagnostics, and anything else I can fit in.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138519Migrating to Azure from a traditional hosted environment2011-03-07T08:03:33Z2011-03-07T08:03:33ZI have a desktop client application that talks to public web services (asmx) that talk to private web services (asmx) behind a firewall that talk to the SQLServer database with the servers all residing in a standard hosted environment. In this session, I'll discuss the whys and wherefores of migrating from this old-school environment to Microsoft Azure. I'll also show how to migrate a Silverlight application, and (time permitting) how to migrate a .NET 2.0 asmx web service to a WCF service.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138520Mindstorms Motion (Ages 8+)2011-03-09T06:09:42Z2011-03-09T06:09:42ZHow to build motion into your bots. The session will focus on creating a chasis and a system of locomotion.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138521Mindstorms Programming Flow (Ages 8+)2011-03-09T06:09:30Z2011-03-09T06:09:30ZLoops, switches and My Blocks. How to create and reuse code across your projects.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138522Mono and .NET without Visual Studio2011-02-27T10:40:46Z2011-02-27T10:40:46ZWorking as a full-time ASP.NET developer, I switched to Ubuntu in 2006. 5 years later, I'm still using it.

By day, I develop using Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010. By night, I develop using Ubuntu, Mono, and the command-line.

This session is all about Mono *and* alternative ways to develop for .NET.

We'll talk about the existing alternative IDE's for Microsoft/Mono .NET and tools for working with .NET without an IDE, eg. using Notepad++, Textmate, or vim.

We'll also talk about Mono. How is it different from MS.NET? What's compatible? Can you run a modern ASP.NET MVC3 application on Mono? How do you deploy it?

All of these questions and more will be answered. We'll also do .NET development ... from the command line!

This session is for you if you:
 - get frustrated with Visual Studio
 - want to develop cross-platform .NET apps that run on Linux and OS X
 - are simply curious about Mono and other ways of doing thingsCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138523MVC Architecture in PHP2011-02-22T13:03:40Z2011-02-22T13:03:40ZUsing Kohana, a powerful PHP 5 MVC framework, we will discuss how to properly use MVC architecture for writing awesome PHP web applications. Learn the basics of MVC, Hierarchical MVC (HMVC), and Kohana, so you can create web applications with a solid and extendible infrastructure.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138524MVP: The Power of MVC in Your Web Forms Projects2011-03-28T11:13:26Z2011-03-28T11:13:26ZYou have heard of MVC for ASP.NET, but your company isn't about to rewrite everything in MVC (and they shouldn't). So how can you get the goodness and maintainability that MVC brings within an organization that is not even considering MVC? Model-View-Presenter is the answer. The MVP pattern allow you to get the maintainability and testability that MVC brings and lets you do it within an organization that has no intention of moving away from web forms anytime soon.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138525Networking for Developers2011-03-04T15:37:05Z2011-03-04T15:37:05ZLearn what developers need to know about networking (The TCP/IP kind, not the Facebook kind).

In today’s world it’s hard to write an application that doesn’t rely on the network, but so few of us know how to troubleshoot networking issues. Stop wondering if it’s your code or the network, I’ll show you how to point the finger at the right culprit.

We will follow the life of an HTTP packet as it goes from your web browser to the server and back. Learn how to determine what stopped the mission of that packet and why. Was it name resolution? TCP Port availability issues? Do we need to sniff the packets to find the problem? This session will make you a better programmer regardless of the technology you are using.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138526NuGet - The best thing to happen to .NET!2011-02-27T10:40:49Z2011-02-27T10:40:49ZIn this speaker's opinion, NuGet is the best thing to happen to .NET! Atleast in 2011.

If you're not familiar, we'll walk through the basics of NuGet ... what it is and how to use it. If you have MVC2 or MVC3 installed, you *already* have it installed into Visual Studio!

NuGet gives .NET developers a way to easily integrate open (or closed) source projects into their applications. You can use freely available packages, or develop your own within your corporation.

Best of all, it's trivially easy to create a NuGet package to share with the whole world *or* just share with your co-workers.

During this talk, we'll review the tools available for NuGet, use NuGet packages, and make our own!Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138527Overview of Available Single Boards2011-01-31T09:24:21Z2011-01-31T09:24:21ZContemporary single-board computers - what they are, where they are and what they cost.
Get a PDF of the presentation at www.azlaborlaw.comCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138528Playing nice with other Android Apps2011-02-23T06:14:49Z2011-02-23T06:14:49ZHow to create Android applications that can create content providers for other applications to hook into and consume content from other apps.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138529Putting User Interaction into Sketchflow2011-03-07T08:03:45Z2011-03-07T08:03:45ZThis presentation will demonstrate how to give your users options on one page of a SketchFlow app and have it control what happens on other pages. Also included will be some hand-holding for the user to guide them through your SketchFlow.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138530Real World API Design Using The Entity Framework Services2011-02-03T12:01:31Z2011-02-03T12:01:31ZIn this session I will show you how I used the Entity Framework Services to design and create an API servicing layer to expose back end data to partners. We will dive into using the Entity Framework (data layer), WCF Data Services (service layer), T4 templates (business entities), WCF Message Inspectors (security) and more.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138531Realign your site or web app for mobile devices with CSS32011-02-27T11:12:20Z2011-02-27T11:12:20ZA tutorial of what you can do with a current site or web app's structure to get it to work across various mobile form factors including the iPad, Galaxy Tab, iPhone and Android.

I will run through a recent realign I did of a website, taking into account layout and content placement and updating the HTML and CSS code. I will also take apart a web app developed to work on mobile devices.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138532Robotics2011-03-21T16:58:12Z2011-03-21T16:58:12ZThe On Cloud 9: an Innovative Remote Robotics Programming Platform project seeks to inspire young programmers by providing them with a user-friendly web interface built on Cloud9 IDE to program the iRobot Create. This project focuses on an interactive approach to programming robots by providing a mixed reality experience. This mixed reality experience will be created by physical obstacles, like the size of the room, as well as virtual obstacles created using the visual recognition engine and infrared sensors. The purpose of using a web interface is to remove as many obstacles from programming as possible, meaning the user will not have to download specific compilers, any development environments, or even own a physical robot. Instead, the user will be able to use the web interface to remotely compile code and see the results of their code on an iRobot Create via web cam. The project incorporates a variety of ways to program and drive the robot including writing Python code in Cloud9 IDE. Furthermore, the user is able to incorporate feedback from the robot, like whether the robot is colliding with an object or how much battery life the robot has remaining as part of making smart decisions while programming and learning how to optimize available resources. In addition, advanced users will be encouraged to contribute extensions to enhance project feature and example uses for the project.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138533Ruby on Rails 1012011-02-22T02:49:10Z2011-02-22T02:49:10ZLearn the basics of Ruby on Rails including ActiveRecord, MVC, navigating the Rails Community and scaling your rails application.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138534Sales for Non-Salespeople2011-02-18T13:12:26Z2011-02-18T13:12:26ZAnyone can be a salesman if they have to. But to be a good salesman there are a few simple rules that are important to follow. Learn some free and low-cost things you can do to increase your visibility and sales presence even if you've never been in sales before.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138535Scratch 101 (Ages 6+)2011-03-07T10:10:01Z2011-03-07T10:10:01ZIntroduction to the MIT Scratch programming environment.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138536Scratch Messaging (Ages 8+)2011-03-07T10:09:56Z2011-03-07T10:09:56ZTaking Scratch to the next level with event/message management.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138537Scrum - Ease The Hard Parts2011-02-17T21:28:48Z2011-02-17T21:28:48ZScrum is a simple Agile framework. And it's guaranteed to uncover "hard parts" in your team or company. In this session we will find some difficult places, talk about why they are hard and map some strategies for making things easier.

This will be an interactive session. Expect sticky notes, markers and dialog. And some fun!Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138538Scrum . . And2011-02-08T04:04:54Z2011-02-08T04:04:54ZAt work we are doing Scrum . . And TDD, BDD, Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, Paired Programming, Get the picture?Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138539Slicing & Dicing Data for Analysis2011-02-17T09:31:35Z2011-02-17T09:31:35ZUsing SQL Server and it’s Analysis Services we will look at different ways to visualize data for end users so they can analyze data that is important to them.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138540SmallBasic 1 (ages 10+)2011-01-31T09:24:37Z2011-01-31T09:24:37ZIntro to Programming using SmallBasic. 
Kids come learn how to program. This is first Small Basic session and is required to attend others later in the day.

Prereq - typing skillsCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138541SmallBasic 2 (ages 10+) Advanced Drawing2011-01-23T16:26:00Z2011-01-23T16:26:00ZIn this session kids will use SmallBasic to create cooler, more advanced designs.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138542SmallBasic 3 (ages 10+) Games2011-01-23T16:31:29Z2011-01-23T16:31:29ZCome learn how to create a game that you can play by yourself or with your friends.

Into to SmallBasic 1 is a pre-reqCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138543Soft Skills for a Hard World2011-02-18T13:13:08Z2011-02-18T13:13:08ZSuccess in business and home depends upon basic communication and conflict resolution skills. This presentation gives an introduction to these soft skills in the American workplace.
Get a PDF copy of the slides at www.azlaborlaw.comCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138544SOLID Object Oriented Design2011-03-25T10:56:11Z2011-03-25T10:56:11ZSOLID is term that stands for five basic patterns of object-oriented programming and design. By using the principles, you are much more likely to create a system that more maintainable and extensible. SOLID can be used to remove code smells by refactoring. You will learn about the following SOLID principles: - Single Responsibility - Open-Closed - Liskov Substitution - Interface Segregation - Dependency Inversion Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138545Sparking up the Codeigniter Reactor2011-02-25T13:30:00Z2011-02-25T13:30:00ZLearn the basics of Codeigniter Reactor, get setup in minutes, and immerse you in the Spark Manager ( ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138546SQL Azure for Developers2011-01-31T09:24:42Z2011-01-31T09:24:42ZConfused about Cloud storage? I'll clarify relational, non-relational, Microsoft' SQL Azure offering and more.

Lot of demos and sample as well.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138547SQL Database Development2011-02-25T06:32:33Z2011-02-25T06:32:33ZIn this session we will look at the development basics available in SQL Server including Procedures, Functions and CLR.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138548SSRS 1012011-02-21T06:53:44Z2011-02-21T06:53:44ZCreate smart, visually appealing reports that display more than just numbers. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is an optional component of SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2008R2 used to create and deliver business intelligence reporting. After a brief overview of the application and its capabilities, I will show you how to set-up Reporting Services using Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), create a simple report, and view it using the built-in Report Server. We will then see how the report can be embedded directly into web pages or .NET Windows applications.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138549Table Indexing for the .NET Developer2011-03-16T10:19:22Z2011-03-16T10:19:22ZIn this session we will be looking at the best and worse practices for indexing tables within your SQL Server 2008 databases. We will also be looking into the new indexing features that are available in SQL Server 2008 (and SQL Server 2005) and how you the .NET developer can make the best use of them to get your code running its best.<br />Learn why indexes need to be created<br />Learn how indexes can help your databases performance<br />Learn how indexes can hurt your databases performanceCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138550Test-Driving ASP.NET MVC Applications2011-02-27T10:40:56Z2011-02-27T10:40:56ZIn this session, we'll test-drive an MVC application! Simple as that :)

We'll talk about the different testing tools that are available today and why you might want to use one over another.

We'll talk about testing patterns, eg. what to test and what not to test. Once you get your testing environment setup, that's just the beginning! How do you know what you should really test?

We'll try to keep this session code-heavy, so you can see how to get started for yourselves!

Note: I've been test-driving web applications for 5 years, including classic ASP, ASP.NET, MVC, Rails, PHP, etc. After over 3 years of TDD Rails development, I've learned a lot of tips from my own personal projects as well as other well known projects. I'd love to show everyone how easy MVC testing can be!Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138551The Basics of Developing for the web for Windows Developers2011-02-17T09:31:43Z2011-02-17T09:31:43ZAre you new to developing for the web? This session is for you! Many developers start developing for the web without looking at how it differs from developing for client software. We will all the moving parts of developing for the web from what HTTP is to understanding how ASP.NET delivers content. We will look at the differences of ASP.NET WebForms and MVC for rendering web content.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138552Thinking Agile2011-02-24T15:32:57Z2011-02-24T15:32:57ZLearn to "think agile": apply agile concepts to real life situations outside programming.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138553User Stories and Release Planning Difficulties and Nuggets2011-03-16T10:19:14Z2011-03-16T10:19:14ZIn this discussion, well look at some very specific techniques. We'll begin by quickly covering the basics of user stories. Even if youve never written user stories, youll quickly learn the basics. Well discuss what you get, what you dont get, and some of the specific challenges with User Stories (and how to address those challenges). Then well tie those stories (or any other form of requirement) into a release plan. Well discuss team velocity and see how and why agile release planning really works. Specifically, we'll address the number one question.When will it be done? Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138554Using LinkedIn for Personal and Business Gain2011-02-18T13:12:35Z2011-02-18T13:12:35ZBy now Linked In has become an important network to be active on. Learn some methods to increase your chances of connecting with the right people and use Linked In to get a job, get a client or get noticed.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138555Using simple electronics to make noise! (ages 7+)2011-02-19T10:52:09Z2011-02-19T10:52:09ZWith a very small electronic part list, a 9-volt battery, and some glue (all materials provided) we will work together to build a simple, interactive noise making machine and a brief overview of how sound works.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138556Using the .NET Micro Framework2011-03-04T05:34:09Z2011-03-04T05:34:09ZAn introduction to the .NET Micro Framework for development of embedded systems.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138557Virtualization Basics for the Developer2011-02-27T10:41:08Z2011-02-27T10:41:08ZThis session will cover Microsoft Virtualization technologies in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (Hyper-V). I will cover how to use the tools in both environments to create and manage Virtual Machines (VMs) and explain when to use Windows 7 versus Server 2008 R2. Lastly, I will show how to configure your system for multi-boot using Boot to VHD. If you have a USB hard drive with 10 GB of free space, I will also give you an unactivated VHD with Server 2008 R2 installed and ready to go with Hyper-V.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138558Visualize your data with maps2011-03-16T10:19:15Z2011-03-16T10:19:15ZThis session will show how to display information using maps and how they can help visualize your data. You'll see how to create and display a mapCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138559Where should I be encrypting my data2011-03-16T10:19:16Z2011-03-16T10:19:16ZIn this session we'll be looking at all the various places within the application stack that data can be encrypted or hashed, so that as an application/database administrator/developer/architect you can make the best decision as to where in the application stack to do this work. These layers include the application layer, the middle tier, the database layer, encrypting over the wire, transparent data encryption, encrypting using your MPIO driver and offloading encryption to your HBAs. Encrypting and Hashing data within Application Tier Encrypting data within the Database tier Encrypting data within the MPIO / HBACopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138560Writing MeeGo* Applications2011-02-24T15:57:22Z2011-02-24T15:57:22ZJoin our expert from the Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program to learn what MeeGo* developers need to develop apps for the Intel AppUp(SM) Center. The presentation will describe the necessary technical setup and processes as well as various available tools to develop applications for AppUp Center. Besides technical details, you will also learn the business opportunities AppUp Center presents. By the end of the session, you'll have all the knowledge you need to create and submit MeeGo applications for Intel AppUp Center.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=138561You Don't Have to be a Ninja to Learn HTML5!2011-02-17T08:44:36Z2011-02-17T08:44:36ZEveryone is moving to HTML5! Or are they? Should you? 

Learn the basic and intermediate concepts new to HTML5 along with:

Transitioning from HTML4/XHTML, New tags, techniques and functionality, Browser adoption and differences and HTML5 Boilerplate scriptsCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Camp